Individual Section

A Flash Idea of “Buried”

To throw (or drop from) the collected waste to my body, and I am in the middle of empty space (or the natural outside environment). The open meadows, for example.

Start to Collect the Reusable 

The Traid Bank, where I go to find the donated clothes or thrown stuffs. 

I found the clothes bank of local area on the website. In the meantime, I searched for and picked up some materials that could be reused in my work from those location.

In addition, I asked my friends to send me their pre-thrown wastes or I went to collect some materials from their.

The Storage of Wastes

I realized that it was a obvious reflection of the accumulation of wastes when I placed the collected in my room, which is a finite and tiny space. So, I equipped a camera to record the process of that in my room.

After a couple of days, I realized that as I collected and stored items, I also produced new “garbage” because I needed to buy food and other daily necessities every day.

I couldn’t get rid of consuming.

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