A Show of Waste in My Room – inspiration from Christoph Büchel

  • To string the plastics bottle hang up on the one side of the wall in my flat.
  • Make my body go through the carton that I collected.
  • To style myself with the found fabric or shopping bags.

A Show of Wastes in My Room

  • A visiting video of my flat
  • A series of photographs on my body.
  • 360-degree scanning view of the hoarding inside of the flat.

Christoph Büchel – An Installation artist

Christoph manipulates and exploits the perceived power of the social and legal contract, subverting the relationship between artist and audience while insisting on a more active political role for both.

Key Phrase of His Work

  • conceptual objects and large-scale installations
  • mass media source: internet, printed political pamphlets(zine), every days household objects
  • to immerse audiences in scenarios that are often physically demanding and psychologically unsettling(cause to feel uneasy).
  • cramped tunnels, claustrophobic chambers and frequent dead-ends(panic and paranoia)

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