The Compilation Showreel of Video and Documenting

Our project takes place in multiple public areas such as the parks, open space and on the street of central London, in which places we performatively interact with communal facilities and found objects, and explore the visuality and functionality of indicative signage.

Practically, I had some performance or performative action when I wandered in the urban. In Hyde Park, I gained the water from a spherical drinking water equipment, taking cups of them and washing me above a well of the drain system. In the next one, My Mobile New Home, I moved my ‘carton home’ to Bentworth Open Space, which was the carton I used as a bed to take a nap under a table of base room. I attempted to build my new home on the fake lawn. All of them started from the first tube trip, I and Yumeng filmed our unconscious enacted behaviours with the enthralling entertainment facilities in the playgrounds. I’ve been to different locations having performative experimentation, such as playing the bottles found on the grass, jumping and catching the neon light between two buildings, and making noises with the steel bar on the street even the resident ask me to stop.

— Joe

I photographed the sign and poster that visually attract me, observing people’s behaviour where the indication signage locates. I found people alway against the given indication poster, and ignore the existence of it. So I decided to experiment with the visual language on public signage use, and decrease gradually the functionality of it, shift or modify it into a purely decorative object.

— Yumeng

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