Residue – Debriefing Session


The potential progress of work

We had a conversation in the end of debriefing session concerning the progress of working in a certain project. It is difficult or impossible, somehow, to produce a final work from the initial idea or concept directly. However, we are supposed to enact multiple actions in the middle of creation, which means as an artist, we need to explore the possibility of objects or find a way to activate on the object. Practically, artists should investigate the functionality of objects, testing in different ways and generating vary experimental pieces. They could develop any piece of the experimentations to approach one body of work, in the process which artists are playing with materials for their artefact, to integrate all of pieces into a landscape of objects.


  • Post-brief
  • Analyse
  • Identity problems – resolving/learning
  • Advice
  • Question
  • Action/plan
  • Experience

Keyword for My found Object – Residue

The documentation of the performance encountered in the photography gallery
a set of clothes/a pair of shoes – the object I found in the gallery

20 Functions of this Object

  1. the outfitter for everyday
  2. shelter for our body
  3. characteristics of personality
  4. costume for a play
  5. fashion/textile design
  6. commodity
  7. duster cloth
  8. pillow
  9. canvas for painting
  10. background/display for photographs

I found this set of clothes and a pair of shoes in the photography gallery of V&A. I was watching at the photography work and I did not realised they were besides my feet. I curiously scanned around this gallery space. The performer was moving across this room in a dramatic way, interacting with people and ask for a fever to make many visitors integrate to their performance.

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