I and my group mates – Miranda, Eleanor, and Qiwen, We ‘established’ our new museum in the space of base room, Museum of Intimacy (MOI). This is a result of our practice on objects that we collected from different persons. We all, throught this method, attempt to understand the museums or galleries as an institutional venue that can be repositories for ideological and emotional directives.

Museum of Intimacy

the brief poster of MOI
the exhibition of My Room

In this displayed space, visitor should be engaged in exploring what is exposed in front of people’s vision. The individuals could seek and observe those private items, such as eaten tart, used soda bottle, a condom, a hat and the behaviour of the person inside of the cover etc. Every viewer will be a peeper in this show, releasing the curiosity in a voyeuristic way.

Our Exercises Before Curation

We made notes of what we thought of each object and what our impression of each artefact. Alongside each objects we illustrated some relevant pattern to investigate the connection among different artefacts. I wrote down, for example, some text of the functionality of them; Miranda drew the shape along the edge of them.

the drawing when the objects were removed

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