Re-engineering the Artefact

A drawing from re-engineering session

We have done reverse engineering in the pathway session of this week. I enjoyed the drawing process alongside the destruction of shoes. When I looked at the mess of shoe’s components, my eyes were attracted by the detailed structure of shoes such as the weaving of the fabric, the sewing between the canvas and sole and the smooth surface of the front. All of the perception from re-engineering stimulated me to bring them to my drawing latter. The net-shape line I drew, for instance, was a start on the blank paper, which potentially derived from the grid string as a connection part of shoes. This net-shape sewing is a joint component to make the glued gap more stable and tight, which is an important element to produce a durable pair of shoes. However, the more difficult to take apart the canvas, the more impressing I felt of re-engineering. As a result, I used majority of net shape when I drew, and I was completely immersed in playing the line on the paper in a grid-base way.

My Sensation of Objects with Drawing

8 pieces of drawing when I when touching my shoes

A list of perception



smooth surface, not glossy

rubber sole maybe



a hole



to wash hands

A new composition after destruction

The Documentation of Taking apart Shoes

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