A booklet of My Objects

What if I archive the everyday objects in these booklet sheets? I am exploring a method to support these residue left after our daily activities. The objects from the space I live in could have multiple possibilities when I destruct each component of them, disassemble different pieces and fragmentise the shape or pattern. I represent these everyday artefacts on the sheets that people are able to read, observe and rethink, which may alter our notion of the items used in life. The reader can therefore touch the objects fixed on each page and perceive the qualities in a thoughtful way.

the process of making this booklet
the tape fragments

Simultaneously, I photographed the scene left behind the action I enacted with objects. For instance, I categorise the section of cardboard after taking apart the whole cardboard. This documentation as a part of photography is a powerful evidence of this residue. Sometimes, the action happened in a certain place would disappear in a short time because of the improvisation or the limitation of the space. The remained photographs will be a part of this objects-base booklet as well.

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