The Mnemonic Shredding, Resolving and Integrating

A small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used, which is the definition of residue in the dictionary. Since I noticed a set of clothes from a performer, left on the floor of photography gallery in the V&A, who had a performance there, I have been immersing in the word of residue. Alongside my experience, I associated with the mnemonic and abandoned everyday objects, which is my understanding of residue. Mnemonic things are blurry, selected and mixed. I experimented paper making with my photographs shreds.

I am exploring a methods to materialise the abstract memories, and paper making responded the mnemonic shredding, resolving and integrating in my life experience. The photography is a support for my memorise from my different segments. Simultaneously, the progress of fragmentising the images remind me of my previous photo book that I made in 2018, in which time I documented my life in Columbus of Ohio. I felt unsettled on my nomadic state since I have not lived in one city for last five years. In this investigation, I am more aware of how I engage the fragmentation in my work using ‘photography residue’.

Experimentation Process

re-produced paper

The Basis of My Mnemonic Paper

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