Wash My Photograph

Washing My Photograph – video

I found that the tracing paper with semi-transparency quality could follow the texture when I wet this paper with running water, which also resemble the skin. However, once this type of tracing paper became extreme damp, it would be broken and produce fragments in different direction. I was interested in the wrinkle on the paper and the paper fragments. I experimented, therefore, another method to shred my photographs or memories.

photographs printed in the tracing paper

I washed my photographs on my body with the shower water. The watery image could stick on my skins and become very fragile, which made me difficult to grab the shreds of image. After washing the photograph, I remained the image on my skins and shot the residue of this action. At the same time, I took off the image from my body, representing the broken photo on the booklet page. I

booklet page

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