Projecting Experimentation – Tony Oursler

I was using the projector to exam the media to present my intimacy photography on the objects not just screen. I was researching on the projection work of Tony Oursler (1). In this practice, the projection of my image was going through the windows in the base room. In the outside of the building, I attempted to capture this projected image in the air. When I place or hold the paper screen in different direction and distance, this photograph was distorted in a dramatic way. For instance, this image would be stretched when presented on the ground. In the further distance, I only could grab partial pieces of this photo so that an uncompleted image was displayed on the paper. I believe that this one method could be used to materialise my memorise across my practice.


(1) Tony Oursler, a is an American multimedia and installation artist. He often uses the projection in his work, such as video projection. In his tapes and installations works (1977-1989), Tony experimented with methods of removing the moving image from the video monitor using reflections in water, mirrors, glass and other devices.

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