My art practice includes photography, video, performance and experimental pieces. I believe that the imagery is the support of memories, which is left behind as a miniature of my intimacy life. The performative action with objects influences my work in photography and video by a cross-disciplinary practice. Simultaneously, these experimentations materialise my abstract ideas. 

Performance practice reflects my awareness of photography as a medium in contemporary art. In my performative action with abandoned objects, photography evidences of my art practice and the realism attributed to photography is used as part of the means of expression of my idea. 

The Realism Attributed to Photography

Self Burial, (Television Interference Project), Keith Arnatt 1969

Arnatt was fascinated with works of art that are created in the natural landscape but leave no trace of their presence behind. ‘The continual reference to the disappearance of the art object suggested to me the eventual disappearance of the artist himself’, he wrote. This sequence of photographs was broadcast on German television in October 1969. One photo was shown each day, for about two seconds, sometimes interrupting whatever programme was being shown at peak viewing time. They were neither announced nor explained – viewers had to make what sense of them they could.

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