Memory in Artist’s Work

Oscar Muñoz (born 1951) is a Colombian visual artist. He is known as one of the most significant contemporary visual artists in his country, and his work has also gained international recognition. Most of his art is concerned with the idea of representation, and his choice of art medium moves freely between photography (photorealism), printmaking, graphite … Continue reading Memory in Artist’s Work

Richard Wentworth / Critical Research I

A Practitioner Research I realised that object making was going through my last three projects, such as the collected items wore on my body, my body enacting in the performance and a piece of mnemonic paper made with my shower water. However, my work, chronologically, started from photography, then to explore performance and the use … Continue reading Richard Wentworth / Critical Research I

Experimenting II / from the ‘Failure’ Lecture

After Session Thoughts In the Failure session on Friday, I attempted to turn my previous artwork/object into a failure. I chose the a string of bottle from Manifesto project, and cut the thread among them. I used the PVA glue pouring on the bottles. The process of disassembling and reassembling enable me to understand 'failure' … Continue reading Experimenting II / from the ‘Failure’ Lecture

Artists and Their Work through the Contemporary Galleries – 12th Trip

photographed beside the window of the gallery Art Space in London I had a great opportunity to seek for some contemporary practitioner in order to progress my critical research for the Investigate project. In this full-day research trip, we had many conversations with tutors around artists' work in varied galleries of London concerning how the … Continue reading Artists and Their Work through the Contemporary Galleries – 12th Trip

Experimenting I / Projection in My Bedroom

How to Present My Photographs The intimacy, sexuality and everyday objects, these domestic elements irresistibly catch my eye when I go through and think back most of my photographs. Since Artefact project, I have been investigating the relationship between image and memory. How I perform in my video present the process that photograph shreds interacted … Continue reading Experimenting I / Projection in My Bedroom