Experimenting I / Projection in My Bedroom

How to Present My Photographs

The intimacy, sexuality and everyday objects, these domestic elements irresistibly catch my eye when I go through and think back most of my photographs. Since Artefact project, I have been investigating the relationship between image and memory. How I perform in my video present the process that photograph shreds interacted with my body, flowing with my body residue in the shower water, which is one aspect of how the intangible quality of memory involves into my body experimentation.

Here, I am experimentally presenting my selected photographs from previous and current photography in image way instead of object used in my video Washing Photo in Bathroom.

Slide Show, in my bedroom, experimentation

Slide Show

Selected memories or photographs depict my friends and my communication with them, and in brief of moment, become my extended family. A series of still images present on the wall of different dimension through projection. They are separated, scratched and twisted by two walls.

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