Artists and Their Work through the Contemporary Galleries – 12th Trip

photographed beside the window of the gallery

Art Space in London

I had a great opportunity to seek for some contemporary practitioner in order to progress my critical research for the Investigate project. In this full-day research trip, we had many conversations with tutors around artists’ work in varied galleries of London concerning how the artists and their work connect to these particular art space. I was also given some individual time to visit other artists in Tate Modern. I can describe this was an enriching research day through looking at different disciplinary work, including photography, video, installation, sculpture and painting.

First Research in Tate

I intended to study the work of Richard Wentworth because of the connection existed in his sculpture and photography. This similarity dose go through my art practice. Even though I could not find Richard’s recent exhibition in any museum, I had access to the archive space to visit his photography work in person. This will be discussed in my latter research blog and essay.

Fortunately, I encountered Nam June Paik’s exciting exhibition in Tate Modern, whose work is experimental, innovative, but playful. The use of TV and video in his artwork has represented a profound influence in his years. Multiple media used in Nam’s work enabled me to experiment more image exploration in different methods such as his work Sistine Chapel. One moving image was projected to five direction in a certain space, repeating, overlapping and stretching on the surface. This way could be used to show my intimacy photos collection in my space. The juxtaposition of an egg put inside of the monitor and am image of the egg also interests me to question about what is the relationship between object and image.

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