Experimenting II / from the ‘Failure’ Lecture

After Session Thoughts

In the Failure session on Friday, I attempted to turn my previous artwork/object into a failure. I chose the a string of bottle from Manifesto project, and cut the thread among them. I used the PVA glue pouring on the bottles. The process of disassembling and reassembling enable me to understand ‘failure’ as reformation and alternation of making art.

Question- how can I ‘break’ my inertial thinking in photography practice?

A string of bottle from Manifesto project

Initial Materials Experimentation

Transformation of glue shows from white to translucence. This fascinating process is some quality of memory in the point of material. I am going to push this liquid glue experimenting further. I am investigating how I can subvert the my knowledge of Photography in this material exploration. At the mean time, I research on the work of Richard Wentworth – to see how his sculpture and photography progress in his art practice. I assume there would be a complex but flexible relationship between them, which is a speculative issue going forward in this stage.

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