Experimentation IV / Glue on Images

Initial Testing

The glue is a flexible medium to contact with body even photographs. My new testing is gluing on surface of image. To cover the face of the image interests me to continue use this PVA glue to experiment. I see the change of glue from white to translucence, and that of the face from being covered to being lucid. I peel off the glued part and separately place it in different surface. For the type of photograph, the this sticky material can bring the imageries from the inject print photo but not the analogue enlarged photographs.

Secondary Testing

Following the experience from last testing, I print larger size of inject print photo. The transition of glue generally divides into three states – Wet, in the middle of being dry and dry.

Wet – this shows the liquid glue on the original image but the imageries do not present through the glue. The glue is slightly viscous when I ‘draw’ on the image.

In the Middle of Being Dry – this process is longest one of whole progress but it is transitory. Partially, I can see the some imageries through dry ‘film’.

Dry – The thoroughly dry piece is rugged and never flat. A lot of ink and colour are absorbed into the glue. The peeled-off film would bring up the imageries piece from the original image.

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