Photographing – A Speculative Setting Up

Transfer and Layer the peeled-off Imagery

Peeling off process is random and dynamic. Some imageries would stick with dry glue film and leave from the original image, but other would not. These ‘selecting’ imageries formed a novel part.

After Peeling off

This peeled-off imagery is placed on the translucent material. The dry ‘skin’ from PVA glue can be sticky if I use the water wet the back side of it. I use this ‘re-sticky’ quality to transfer the imagery to another surface; to overlap with remained image. The lighting is set between the translucent paper and the remained image. I attempted to make the imageries on the back reflect to front, but everything becomes blurry. However, when the light reflects from the back image, the colour and tone of front will be varied. The uneven surface re-change the brightness so that I can see different unclear shape in the front. They layer and mix with the fragment of imageries.

Question – What is the deference between only presenting the photograph of peeled-off piece and hang up is as objects?

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