Investigate Silent Critique

The relationship between image and memory runs through this ongoing project. I have been investigating what is the mnemonic thing in my photography. Memory could be explicit and implicit for individuals; in the meantime, the collective memories are cultural and communicative, which is drawn from the research of form and function of memory. The memory in my work mirrors not only my intimate life but also the Chinese young people. The materials experimentation, as an expanded approach, engages me in the further investigation of image and memory. How Gerhart Rechart draws on his photographs stimulated me to experiment with other materials on images. During experimentation with my found objects, I found the liquidity and transition of a particular and experimental material — PVA glue, materializing the quality of memory. I photographed the lost and peeled-off part on the translucent surface, allowing the lighting to reflect from the original printed images. The loss of the imageries from the photographs enable me to think how much memory I can see through the remained part. They are fluid in this body; to experience pain but get released, which is the end of memories.

Installed in Studio


First Photograph


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