Richard Wentworth / Critical Research II


Richard Wentworth subverts the traditional definition of sculpture as well as photography. By transforming and manipulating the objects in human’s day-to-day experience, Wentworth disrupts their usual function and understanding of them. The sculptural assemblage engages with the notion of readymade and juxtaposition. Simultaneously, Wentworth in his photography documents the odd fragments and discrepancies in modern landscape; he chronicles the everyday, observing objects, occasional and involuntary geometries, and often overlooks anomalies, in which way to seek for readymade in the urban.  How do photography and sculpture cooperate and what is the relationship between them? It is through these two question that I analyse Wentworth’s work. This critical research is in three sections: Photography and sculpture, Readymade and Choice, and Conclusions.

Photography and Sculpture

I firstly discuss the relevant development of photography and sculpture — the alteration of photography and sculpture over time — which also represents in Wentworth’s work represents. The fluidity and heterogeneity of photography are dissolving the boundary between what is and what is not a photograph. The nature of photography is not merely considered as a technology or a medium of communication. ‘How far it could be considered to be art. Given the contemporary ubiquity of photography, to ask such a categorical question now seems quite odd.’ The photographic image is now a malleable cultural and aesthetic form of representation, granted as media of artistic expression.  The practice of sculpture is ever-expanding and includes object-making, public art and social practices, site and space, even performance as a form of live sculpture. Rather than only considering the particular manifestations of sculpture with carving, modelling, casting and constructing. After twentieth century, assembling a new way of making sculpture emerged such as still life subjects made from found materials glued together. Constructed sculpture is used as various forms in contemporary art, including in movements such as constructivism or techniques of assemblage, as Wentworth has since often applied readymade more generally to his artworks. 

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