Personal Statement

My artwork currently encircles the notion of the mnemonic and its appearance as a part of our day-to-day experiences. In my work, the photograph is the support of memories, left behind as a miniature not only of my intimate life but also that of Chinese youth. Mine is an interdisciplinary fine art practice which includes photography, video, performance and experimental pieces. Performance practice with objects influences my photography and video. In my performative action with found objects, photography evidences my practice and its realism is used as a means of self-expression. 

I am in the Graduate Diploma Program of RCA in the Fine Art specialism. I have received a BFA in Photography from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in China. During my exchange program in Columbus College of Art and Design, I documented my life in Ohio, USA, when I felt unsettled by my nomadic state; it being my fifth city of residence in five years. My photography work, therefore, portrays the many close friends who have been drawn into my life, memories of which have been archived as a photo book and album. Face-to-face communicating with friends engages me in the understanding of polemical issues in a particular context of Chinese young people. Intimate, sexual and absurd elements irresistibly catch my eye when photographing and I draw from Judith Butler’s theory in understanding gender complexity and the limits of identification.

The range of practical experimentation has altered my understanding of how to engage with photography as the core of my interdisciplinary practice. The fluidity and heterogeneity of the RCA MA Photography would enable me to investigate the boundaries of photography going forward. It is my hope that my imagery will disrupt and elicit a challenge to the societal conventions of my culture. 

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