What is the Memory in My Photographs?

Loss – Realise Project

The liquidity and transition of memories interweave images and materials through Loss. The memory in this work mirrors friends’ intimate life and my nomadic state from deferent locations. Every residence I experience forms the intersection of my emotions with others. Portrayed faces swim between this liquid glue and peeled-off pieces. They are exposed and paused on the large-size inject prints; to see how the fragments and vestiges fluid on the surface, overlapping on the original image. Partial information and imageries are getting into eyes with subtle lighting.

The exuviating happens on this body, the residue of which follows the memory of the liquid material from wet to dry; from hidden to lucid. The defaced images dissolve in the water to integrate into the structure of skins. The flexible materials transfer the shape as a body without filled content; unlinking is on one side of the installation. The rough edge contacts with air in this space and presents the heigh being above the vision. The pain of memory is dissolving.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mild – Movie

The plot of this film brings me wilder notion of memory, the understanding how my memory or people behind the memory influences on my recent exploration. The emotion is a crucial elements when people recall something from deep memory. The pain or happiness would come together following the transition of memory.

The film uses elements of the psychological thriller and a nonlinear narrative to explore the nature of memory and romantic love. The narrative subsequently takes place in Joel’s mind during this memory erasure procedure. Joel finds himself revisiting his memories of Clementine in reverse and experiencing their erasure, starting from the downfall of their relationship. As he comes across happier memories of Clementine early in their relationship, he attempts to preserve at least some memory of her and his love for her, trying to evade the procedure by taking his idealised memory of Clementine into memories not linked to her and attempting to wake up and stop the process.

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