Art Publication Research

Possibilities of book making – First Group Meeting

  • some thoughts in the launch of Launch Project.
  • reflection of library workshop.

Notes for Journal room

500 words for individuals 

Matt newsprint like paper for text

Single picture is strong

Give space to the page

Put artists together and put page under each

Whole page black with bright objects

Things be fold in different ways to compare

Mass production 

Attractive cover page

How to locate in a publication

One page whole page image with text on the other side

Text written by curators


Different from portfolio-shared vision

Group collaborative project


Color different 


Do we need a manifesto?

Do we want a long term or short term relationship? One time or future developing?

Do we want a  online Instagram, exhibition catalog, physical exhibition, website? 

5 A4 pages each person

Not normal zine

A4 too big

✨Physical for sure


EACH person’s page can be folded 

Not just flat, pops open or pops up

Different than a book, ways of folding, read in different sequences.

Flexible materials

Cube has six sizes. 

Collage of our works.

People work together to create a work. Team work or page to be a cover page?

Written statement for application.

Share our works. List our key works. 

Next meeting:

1. Describe your works in 3 words (send it in this group chat)

2. Bring our printed copies of our STAGE 2 works (every image smaller than A4 size)

3.  Text prepare for the 500 words descriptions (conversation can be 500 words)

4. Prototypes of format we are thinking of

5. Format, sequence, and main idea

By Teresa

Looking at Different Kinds of Art Publication

Dimension Variable – A Catalogue from An Exhibition of Young British Art

This publication was published by the British Council in 1997, as a collection of artists’ work from an exhibition called ‘Sensation’.

It was the name of this book, Dimension Variable that caught my eye first time I saw it. But I would love to share some points about the design of this publication. I really appreciate clean and consistent graphic design. Editor vividly represents artists’ show in a two dimension way. Every documentation of artwork is clearly shown on this white background based on print paper, negative space of which is large in most pages. I think this is a transformation of the exhibition, ‘Sensation’.

Generally, this publication has three sections – preface (forward and introduction), images of artwork and the critical text. The forward and introduction as the start section separately edited in an order. The former talks about the relationship of the exhibition and this catalogue, but the later concerns about how ‘Dimension Variable’ relates to their work. However, From the preface to the last section, the identical and simple font is used all the time. Keeping more amounts of negative and blank space do not only exist in 2nd section for images, but it also shows in the 1st and 3rd sections. I think the text is regarded as a single square designed in a selected position even it is aligned in the outside of content space when editor place text and illustrations together. This publication keeps in a uniform and harmonious design.

Wolfgang – A Photography Book

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