An Interaction Among Artists

In this interactive meeting, we shared our personal statement for each other. I attempted to sort three words or phrases from we six people in different specialism of fine art – Sculpture, Photography and Print.

Jess – sensory, touch and interaction.

Joe – mnemonic, intimacy and fluidity.

Niko – space, time and interrelationship.

Shijiao – illusion, metaphor and reality

Teresa – interlock, balance and ecology.


We realised that our conceptual statement interacted with some similarity but in multiple disciplinary. At the same time, our practice show cross-disciplinary. We are a group of international interdisciplinary artists who have interpreted and interrogated the interrelatedness between identity, space and body.

We put Inter- as a core of our artist publication. Inter- is going across all of our art practice, theory and methodology.

inter-  prefix,

1 between; among.

2 mutually; reciprocally: interactive

Draft of Editorial

Introduction, Conceptual Underpinnings

Inter- is the intersection of different ways of thinking. The attempt to soften boundaries between disciplines. The link that connects disparate elements with purpose. The impulse to transcend the discipline that reflects the nature of creativity and discovery. 

Inter is infinitely existing in every aspect of the world from microscopic to macroscopic, depending on how it gets built. 

Inter can be explored and constructed through concepts, materials, methods, media and forms in contemporary art, and be deconstructed as well. The deconstruction of Inter is also the way of construction at the same time.

Inter- is the intertwining of space and our body. The emotional connection between space and its occupants. The way we shape and are shaped by the world in which we live.

To add constellations in the middle of the piece as an illustration (with a short description or caption) 

Link to All of Work and Practice 

 Mardon’s work…; Zhou’s work -….; Niko and Teresa’s work- …; or combine everyone’s work and practice (write with family name)

could encircle identity, fluidity, body and space

Conclusion and Intentionality

(answer what do you want the viewers to feel? expand, intentions of the publication, poetic, evocative, when i put the publication down – what do you want me to feel)

Suggestions from tutorial

Teresa- to feel connections relationships 

joe- issue or the concept our works convey

Yash – my work seeks to evoke social reflection by capturing inequality and the rituals needed for its effect, through investigating and analysing the deaths of distinct groups which embody the disparity between the powerful and the vulnerable. 

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