Concertina Binding

A Talk with Richard

Binding Sketch

In the publication session, Our group discusses with Richard about our first binding design and conception of publication Inter-. The group thinks that the book is an object that can be read, touch and set up in a certain space. We firstly attempted to stand this publication on the surface so that viewer could read and visit it from any direction.

However, we chose the Concertina fold that Richard introduced. This Concertina fold could be open in multiple directions; it is flexible and expandable. Following this folding, Inter- would present in the format of this book and how the viewer interacts with it. In term of the publication talk video in the session, the group should consider the following things when produce the publication.

  • Readership.
  • Publication – the public – public space.
  • Print and circulation.
  • Material – weight, touch, smell and size.
  • Binding.
  • Paper.
  • Typeface
  • Sequence – forwards, backwards and chapter break.
  • Image – colour, duotone, half-tone and monotone.

Here is a Youtube tutorial of Concertina fold for a prototype.


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