Editorial of INTER- Publication


 the intersection of different ways of thinking

the links that weave disparate elements with purpose

the impulse to transcend boundaries, reflecting creativity and discovery

Overlapping, intertwining, clashing, contradicting

We, six international, interdisciplinary artists present the interactions within and between our works to generate conversation and new meanings

Jessica Mardon explores embodied responses to sensory phenomena, enquiring into the interactions between the senses and the responses of an intelligent, feeling body.

Joseph Zhou encircles the notion of the mnemonic, interweaving the liquidity and transition of memories through his revelation of domestic life.

Niko Kapa investigates the interrelationships between people, space and time and the ways human traces and memory capture life and emotion. 

Jiao Shi reshapes the characteristics of objects and challenges the ideas behind them, breaking the limitations of physical installations with photographic illusions.

Jiachen Zeng interlocks and interrupts the existing balanced ecologies of daily occurrences, by reforming readymades, performing unforgettable memories and restating influential events.

Yashaswi Dugar connects memories and rituals, unearthing the narratives of forgotten women to challenge enduring social disparities. 

Examining the interactions between spaces and bodies; the boundaries of the self and others, we explore the ways we shape and are shaped by the world around, within, between us. Intertwining emotions and memories with human behaviours, we weave overlapping perspectives; perpetual becomings and passings of the stories of places and peoples. We ask, without asking for an answer, how we construct and dissolve identities and meanings, in an endless dance with the Inter-  

We invite you to surrender to a world which resists easy answers, 

but yields to those who are willing to enter.

Jiachen Zeng, Niko Kapa, Joseph Zhou, Yashaswi Dugar, Jiao Shi, Jessica Mardon

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