Graduate Diploma Programme Reflection

Eight months seems to feed me everything as possible as it can. From the intensive summer to the judging winter, the transition and construction take place in this programme. The intention of farther education drove me here. I believe, however, that now vast altering is revealed through various experience.

One of the most influential alternation is academic writing skill. Writing in English is an effective means of communication. Artist is a thinker or a communicator of their independent thought and culture when they make a range of practical experimentation. I think my writing practice is dramatically progressing. Necessary skills are improved further and in-depth. The learning of structure draws a systematic style in my writing. The use of the MHRA system is a typical and small example as I did not know how to format a bibliography accurately for the very beginning essay. Critically writing forms a notion of sculpture and photography when I research on Richard Wentworth. For a Fine Art practitioner, writing constructs the inherent essence of art practice. How to articulate my practice in writing has a distinctive impact on the conception and intention of the artwork.

Art is critically developing all the time. I further my understanding of Fine Art practice from two essential aspects spreading this programme — disciplinary and methodology. Photography has been the core of my practice since undergraduate education. It takes time to be aware of photography per se, historically and contemporarily. However, the Navigator project engages me in performance art; a great opportunity brings many critical reflections on the previous practice. Re-thinking photography with Fine Art theories enables me to realise the fluidity and heterogeneity of it. I understand photography not only as document any more. 

Methodology clears my art practice with critical investigation, independent thought and material experimentation. By visiting the gallery and museum, I acquire diverse possibilities in primary research. Deriving from other precedents is a crucial process as a growing artist, but the relation and influence of them play a more significant role. I did not adequately represent that in stage one of my practice. It would not produce a body of work simply from an initial idea. Varied experimenting and reflecting have to be amassed and integrated, which powerfully evidences the development of my work.

Identity as an artist is the most primary thing for going forward on my trace. This course contextualises myself in society. I have many conversations with tutors around artists’ work in the gallery trip of eastern London concerning how the artists and their work connect to these particular art space. This gives me a chance to aware of communication with other art institutions or artists. How RCA Graduate Diploma critically educates artists influence me on how I shape the world. One from academic tutors tells me that artist is a ‘career’ that cannot be retired. I agree with that. Nevertheless, it is the educating that I would choose if I were supposed to have a job. To disrupt and elicit a challenge to the societal conventions; to move forward integration of culture; to critique humanities; that is art for me.

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