Initial Plan of Publication Launch

I’m think about what the plan of publication launch is. I guess we could make an invitation or poster or social media release for our INTER- publication.


We are going to write a formal invitation for people who are from outside of Graduate Diploma.

  • Possible List of Name – people who are from other program of RCA, or who is in other institutions.
  • A poster for the publication – Date of Launch, Theme and location.

Social Media Release

  • Set up a Instagram for INTER- group.
  • Release our publication preview before Launch.
  • Post the documentation of work.
  • The following is a great reference – how to release art event online.

Publish Online

I’m thinking about publishing online. I used the PUBLISH ONLINE function from Adobe. And published the draft layout online, which can shared with link and read on any electronic device. BUT this is just a test – might be adjusted layout slightly if published online.

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