Domestic Snaps,Intimacy and Collective Memories

In My Photography Domestic snaps carry both people and intangible qualities. The photographs portray the many close friends who draw into my life, memories of which archive as a photo book. These elected fragments in my photography capture who is close to me, and in a brief moment of time, become a part of my … Continue reading Domestic Snaps,Intimacy and Collective Memories

What is the Memory in My Photographs?

Loss - Realise Project The liquidity and transition of memories interweave images and materials through Loss. The memory in this work mirrors friends’ intimate life and my nomadic state from deferent locations. Every residence I experience forms the intersection of my emotions with others. Portrayed faces swim between this liquid glue and peeled-off pieces. They … Continue reading What is the Memory in My Photographs?

See the Art Practise Cooperation / Critical Research III

Choice and Readymade The conversation between photography and sculpture in Wentworth’s work is answering what is the relationship between photography and sculpture by approaches of readymade and photographic choice. The essential choice inherently connects sculpture to photography. Readymade is the choice of object, cancelling the useful function of an object and forming art. Photographing is … Continue reading See the Art Practise Cooperation / Critical Research III

Richard Wentworth / Critical Research II

Introduction Richard Wentworth subverts the traditional definition of sculpture as well as photography. By transforming and manipulating the objects in human’s day-to-day experience, Wentworth disrupts their usual function and understanding of them. The sculptural assemblage engages with the notion of readymade and juxtaposition. Simultaneously, Wentworth in his photography documents the odd fragments and discrepancies in … Continue reading Richard Wentworth / Critical Research II