Editorial of INTER- Publication

Inter-  the intersection of different ways of thinking the links that weave disparate elements with purpose the impulse to transcend boundaries, reflecting creativity and discovery Overlapping, intertwining, clashing, contradicting We, six international, interdisciplinary artists present the interactions within and between our works to generate conversation and new meanings Jessica Mardon explores embodied responses to sensory … Continue reading Editorial of INTER- Publication

An Interaction Among Artists

In this interactive meeting, we shared our personal statement for each other. I attempted to sort three words or phrases from we six people in different specialism of fine art - Sculpture, Photography and Print. Jess - sensory, touch and interaction. Joe - mnemonic, intimacy and fluidity. Niko - space, time and interrelationship. Shijiao - … Continue reading An Interaction Among Artists

Art Publication Research

Possibilities of book making - First Group Meeting some thoughts in the launch of Launch Project. reflection of library workshop. Notes for Journal room500 words for individuals Matt newsprint like paper for textSingle picture is strongGive space to the pagePut artists together and put page under eachWhole page black with bright objectsThings be fold in different … Continue reading Art Publication Research