Graduate Diploma Programme Reflection

Eight months seems to feed me everything as possible as it can. From the intensive summer to the judging winter, the transition and construction take place in this programme. The intention of farther education drove me here. I believe, however, that now vast altering is revealed through various experience. One of the most influential alternation … Continue reading Graduate Diploma Programme Reflection


Editorial of INTER- Publication

Inter-  the intersection of different ways of thinking the links that weave disparate elements with purpose the impulse to transcend boundaries, reflecting creativity and discovery Overlapping, intertwining, clashing, contradicting We, six international, interdisciplinary artists present the interactions within and between our works to generate conversation and new meanings Jessica Mardon explores embodied responses to sensory … Continue reading Editorial of INTER- Publication

Layouting with 500 Publication Text

A Brief of My Practice - the first page of my individual layout My work, encircling the notion of the mnemonic, reveals an interest in the elements of domestic; draws on various media including Photography, video and performance. Much of my photographs are relevant to intimacy and sexuality, depicting a miniature of Chinese youth culture. … Continue reading Layouting with 500 Publication Text

Richard Wentworth – Critique of a Contemporary Practitioner

Introduction Photography and Sculpture Choice and Readymade Conclusions Bibliography Introduction I am interested in the cooperation of photography and sculpture in contemporary art. My art practice invariably presents mutual interdevelopment, which includes photography, video, performance and experimental pieces. When I talk about the performance in my practice, I understand performance as a sort of live … Continue reading Richard Wentworth – Critique of a Contemporary Practitioner

Artist Statement

My artwork encircles the notion of the residue and its appearance as a part of our day-to-day experiences. Alongside my experiences, I understand residue as the mnemonic and abandoned everyday objects. My art practice includes photography, video, performance and experimental pieces. I believe that imagery is the support of memories, left behind as a miniature1 … Continue reading Artist Statement

Navigator Critical Reflection

Our project took place in multiple communal areas such as the parks, open space and on the street of central London, in which places I performatively interacted with communal facilities. Yumeng (my partner in Navigator Project) found objects and explore the visuality and functionality of indicative signage. However, I have a different approach when we … Continue reading Navigator Critical Reflection

Reflective Writing on Manifesto

Sustainability narrowly means to make use of natural, renewable resources that human is ableto continue to depend on their yield in the long run. I had believed that individuals wouldinvestigate a new solution to the environmental issue that people face at the moment. However, the seemingly effective design or technology produces a serious of new … Continue reading Reflective Writing on Manifesto