The Mnemonic Shredding, Resolving and Integrating

A small amount of something that remains after the main part has gone or been taken or used, which is the definition of residue in the dictionary. Since I noticed a set of clothes from a performer, left on the floor of photography gallery in the V&A, who had a performance there, I have been … Continue reading The Mnemonic Shredding, Resolving and Integrating

Wash My Photograph Washing My Photograph - video I found that the tracing paper with semi-transparency quality could follow the texture when I wet this paper with running water, which also resemble the skin. However, once this type of tracing paper became extreme damp, it would be broken and produce fragments in different direction. I was interested … Continue reading Wash My Photograph

Fragmentise the Mnemonic

the shred of my old photographthe shred of the tape from the cardboard The residue can be the mnemonic and abandoned everyday objects. The memory, for me, is mostly based on photographs. I have some different types of photographic collection. Images are able to assist the individuals to associate the history behind that. However, memorise … Continue reading Fragmentise the Mnemonic