Be Buried

Somehow, sustainability has been packaged up and sold back to us, as though it were a market opportunity. Meanwhile the juggernaut of mass consumption marches on.The abandoned everyday objects around us have various possibilities when artists have interaction with them, which simultaneously avoids the production of new waste. I started my collection of waste objects, examining different materials. The CCTV camera documented what action I enacted in my finite flat, and I created a video, ‘Waste in My Room’. After experimentations with multiple objects and methods, my photography, ‘Be Buried’ portrayed my experience living in waste hoarding as a human. Buried my body in the waste articulated the potential problems behind consumption. Even though it is challenging to get rid of consumption entirely, I hopefully attempted to engage people in the negative impact of consumption through my work, ‘A Show of Waste in My Flat’. The colourful shopping bags were worn on my body; I presented the plastic bags neatly all over the wall; the water bottles were strung singly as the decoration. The viewer could be immersive in my waste hoarding, undergoing every objects installed in this space.

Be Buried, photography, 60 x 40 cm
Be Buried, photography, 60 x 40 cm
Be Buried, photography, 60 x 40 cm

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