Experimentation III / Material on My Body

Emotion and Memory of Material

The flexibility of PVA glue presents the notion of material memory. The interaction between the materials and my body reveals emotional quality. This is changing my recognition of material and how to ‘draw’ with that in my art practice. The experimentation is more action related; it happed with objects.

Question – I am reaching the material and object based practise not only image making. This is a speculative question for the next investigation. How can I use this flexible material/object with my photographs?

Body Transferring

I am continuing to investigate and experiment using this liquid but flexible material — PVA glue. Glue is usually used in the book binding and other material connecting, which is a sort of ‘linker’ between deferent surface. However, this glue is definitely showing essential qualities when I present it alone – liquid, sticky, expandable and translucent.

Arm Transferring – I brushed the original glue on my arm but wrap the gauze first. This gauze can build a basic structure for carrying the PVA glue. The thoroughly dry PVA glue could be peeled off from my arm. The contact side transferred my skins texture clearly.

Arm Transferring

Hand Transferring – This process is more complicated but interesting. I took off the whole shape of my hand and did not cut it at all. The wrinkle on my hand is more than on the arm, but this make the taking off harder. The action that I attempted to keep the skins glove as an unbroken piece bring some pain but joy at the same time.

Hand Transferring

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